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Strong Advocacy For Military Defense And Civilian Litigation

Conormon Law Office and the Military Justice Center in Fayetteville, North Carolina, will aggressively protect your rights. We fully pursue every case we handle, whether you are a U.S. military service member facing a criminal investigation, allegations of serious misconduct, the possibility of a court-martial conviction or if you are a civilian in need of criminal defense or personal injury representation.


When you are faced with serious legal consequences, you need the best criminal defense representation you can find — and you need it now. Find out more about attorneys Todd Clark Conormon and Andrew George Dualan by clicking on the links below:

The Military Justice Center — Military Law Practice

Our military defense practice features creative strategies and attentive personal service for cases that include:

  • War crimes
  • Courts-martial
  • Sexual assault defense
  • Nonjudicial punishment (Article 15)
  • Military investigations (CID investigations, Commander’s Inquires and AR 15-6 investigations)
  • Boards of inquiry
  • Separation actions
  • Reprimands
  • Security clearance issues

We have an extensive military defense practice and we serve military personnel from around the world.

Conormon Law Office — Civilian Practice

At the Conormon Law Office we offer clients a wide range of legal services, including defending against serious criminal offenses, drunk driving charges and traffic offenses. We also pursue serious personal injury cases, including those for wrongful death and civilian medical malpractice. While our lawyers regularly represent military personnel and members of their families, we also represent individuals in Cumberland County and the surrounding areas with no connection to the military.

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