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Pursue A Military Discharge Upgrade

When your term of service is over or almost over with the U.S. Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force or Space Force, your discharge papers will show a “character of service” designation. From honorable to dishonorable discharge and with all rankings in between, the label given to your performance in the military will be with you for the rest of your life. It is worth your while to do all that you can to secure an honorable discharge ranking or avoid a punitive discharge.

Many service members are disappointed by their unfavorable discharge rankings and wonder if there is any way to appeal in pursuit of a higher rank. The answer is often yes. At The Military Justice Center, we help discharged military personnel and those who expect to be discharged soon to argue in favor of upgrades.

What Discharge Type Have You Received Or Do You Hope To Receive?

We will review all relevant information that may explain why you have one of these discharge rankings:

  • Honorable discharge: You can put this on any job application with pride. It is a badge of success regarding your military service.
  • General (under honorable conditions): This type of discharge is technically nonpunitive, but it can lead to uncomfortable questions.
  • Other than honorable: This level of discharge sounds questionable because it is. Something negative or doubtful has ended up on your record. You will nonetheless retain some veterans benefits.
  • Bad conduct: This undesirable ranking is punitive and can have lasting repercussions.
  • Dishonorable: This type of discharge from the military comes about after a court-martial. With a dishonorable discharge, you will lose all military benefits.

For any type of discharge below an honorable one, you owe it to yourself to explore your possible eligibility for an upgrade. For either of the punitive discharge types – bad conduct or dishonorable – your effort to defend your record is critical. Do not leave one of these negative rankings in place without seeking defense counsel in pursuit of an upgrade

Are You About To Be Discharged From Service At Fort A.P. Hill, Myer-Henderson Hall Or The Pentagon? Let Our Attorneys Explore Your Options For An Upgrade.

We can defend you in any investigation or court-martial. Our attorneys can also examine your less-than-stellar military discharge ranking even after you have been out of the military for a while. It is worth your best efforts to seek an upgrade.

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