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At the Military Justice Center, we aggressively protect the rights of servicemen and servicewomen from all branches of the armed forces in boards of inquiry legal issues and administrative separation boards in the U.S. and worldwide.

Regardless of your military branch — Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines — and no matter where you are in the world, our lawyers can protect your rights in any criminal defense situation. We have decades of experience handling a broad range of separation board, early termination, other than honorable discharge (OTH) and dishonorable discharge legal matters.

Our military defense practice includes personal attention and advocacy for clients who face AWOL, Articles 15 and 32, command investigation, security clearance and war crimes legal matters. Our background as judge advocates has benefited members of all military branches and we have built a recognized reputation for results.

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The administrative procedure known as a board of inquiry typically occurs when a military officer commits an error or an act that reflects negatively upon him or the service. A board of inquiry generally convenes as a panel of three senior officers who investigate the act or error in question, the person alleged to have committed it, and his or her record in the armed services. A board of inquiry can produce a variety of outcomes — as well as a negative impact on one’s opportunity to advance in the military and future career prospects.

A result of a board of inquiry hearing could be, at worst, separation with an Other Than Honorable Discharge and the loss of your career. To assure that your rights are protected, an experienced military defense firm should be alongside at all times. We can hear and investigate the details of the incident, and begin formulating an effective defense strategy.

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