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Defending You At This Critical Stage

The Article 32 is a critical stage in the court-martial process. Before any case can be brought before a general court-martial, a hearing must be convened under Article 32 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

This important hearing resembles a preliminary hearing in state court. At the conclusion of this hearing, the investigating officer recommends proper disposition of the charges to the commanding general. The recommendation may be that the charges go forward to a general court-martial (GCM) or special court-martial, be modified, or be dismissed outright. The Article 32 hearing is therefore often the last opportunity to avoid a trial.

If a military defense attorney has already been assigned to your case, you may also retain a civilian defense representation while keeping the services of your free military lawyer. Consequently, there is little or no advantage to waiting until after the Article 32 hearing to hire a civilian lawyer. You should act now to protect your rights while the Article 32 can be used to your advantage.

At The Military Justice Center, Our Goal Is Justice For You

Military service members facing Article 32 hearings deserve experienced and effective military defense representation. Even if charges are ultimately sent to a GCM, the Article 32 hearing can allow a skilled lawyer to discover weaknesses in the government’s case and secure witness testimony that benefits you.

The aggressive advocacy and client commitment you want for your Article 32 hearing can be found at The Military Justice Center, located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and serving clients around the world.

Our experienced military defense lawyers have represented thousands of clients, especially military members and their families. These cases include hundreds of courts-martial cases and appeals, administrative boards and military investigations in addition to cases in both state and federal courts.

We have represented clients in numerous Article 32 hearings in the U.S. and around the world. We use our experience and knowledge of the military legal system to determine which witnesses to call and which evidence to produce, and we have vast experience in cross-examining of prosecution witnesses.

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We are committed to providing straightforward, superb and skilled legal advice and representation to every client throughout the court-martial process. Our reputation for results is proof of that commitment.

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