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A letter of reprimand (LOR) or memorandum of reprimand (MOR) is an administrative censure given for a military service member’s failure to comply with regulations or established standards. When a General Officer recommends filing a reprimand in a soldier’s Official Military Personnel File it can have life changing consequences and be the first step toward losing your career.

Regardless of your military branch or where you are stationed, if you have received such a letter of reprimand, the skilled military defense lawyers who aggressively protect your rights are at The Military Justice Center in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

The Military Justice Center was founded to aggressively seek justice for you when criminal charges arise during your tour of duty. Our strong military defense practice features effective strategies and attentive personal service for cases that include AWOL, Articles 15 and 32, command investigations, security clearances, boards of inquiry and war crimes cases.

The lawyers at our firm have extensive experience, a recognized reputation for results and the expertise to help you with a rebuttal of your reprimand, or with an appeal of the filing of the reprimand that is in your official military file.

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By law, you are entitled to reply to the allegations asserted against you in a letter of reprimand before the filing decision is made. You are permitted to issue a written statement that denies, rebuts, explains or mitigates the allegations within a “reasonable time.” You may also submit evidence for your defense, mitigation or extenuation, and request a specific filing determination.

We excel at precise, persuasive drafting of rebuttals for military service members in the U.S. and abroad. Our attorneys have a proven record of obtaining successful rebuttal and appeal outcomes for our many clients during our decades of experience.

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If your military record is at risk, and a rebuttal or appeal submission is what you need, we offer an initial consultation and maximum availability to you throughout the legal process. Call us toll free at 866-588-1217 or locally at 866-588-1217. You may also reach us online.