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If you are a military service member facing serious charges of military desertion or AWOL, you could benefit from the support and solid counsel of an experienced defense attorney with a reputation for results.

The Military Justice Center represents AWOL soldiers in North Carolina, nationally and internationally.

We have represented and counseled AWOL soldiers for decades. Our firm has provided skilled, aggressive representation for servicemen and servicewomen accused of a wide variety of military offenses. Our experience as judge advocates, deep belief in your rights and reputation for results uniquely qualify us to protect your military career and professional future.

Depending on the specific circumstances of your case — the charges against you, the length of your unauthorized absence or reason for your failure to report — you could be at risk for punishments ranging from confinement to punitive discharge and a federal conviction. You should not confront these worst-case scenarios alone. We build solid cases for our clients, investigate exhaustively and negotiate skillfully.

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Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), you as a military service member can receive punishment for failure to report for duty if military prosecutors can show that, without authorization, you failed to go to an appointed place of duty in a timely manner, left your appointed place of duty, or vacated your unit, organization or required place of duty.

These offenses are known as failure to repair (FTR), absence without official leave (AWOL), unauthorized absence (UA), missing movement (failure to deploy) and desertion. For absences lasting more than 30 days, a federal warrant is issued for your arrest.

The military crimes put you at risk for a dishonorable discharge and jail time. If you, a family member or loved one is in the service and is absent without leave or has gone AWOL, it is extremely important to speak with us immediately for AWOL representation.

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