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Solid Legal Guidance For Military Security Clearances

If you are faced with security clearance that is being questioned, you could benefit from counsel that aggressively protects your rights, and The Military Justice Center, can help. We make sure that clients understand security clearance requirements and represents military members when clearances have been denied, suspended or revoked.

Military personnel applying for a security clearance of confidential, secret or top-secret nature are required to complete the Standard Form 86 (SF86) Questionnaire for national security positions. We make sure that you understand security clearance rules and obligations, and advise you of your rights during the application process. We also provide honest, direct answers to questions you would rather not ask your commander or active duty military attorney.

We founded our law firm for one reason — to aggressively seek justice for military personnel when facing criminal charges or when legal issues relate to their military service. Our military defense practice has built a recognized reputation for positive results in cases that include war crimes, serious criminal charges, military investigations, AWOL, Article 15s and other legal matters.

Skilled And Knowledgeable Military Defense Attorneys

Our attorneys will handle your security clearance application and offer sound guidance on every aspect of the legal process. A security clearance can be denied for a number of reasons such as failure to meet the necessary requirements, a serious criminal record, high credit card debt or marriage to a foreign national.

If your security clearance has been denied, revoked or reclassified, you could have to deal with long-term consequences for your military career and to your future outside the armed forces. A security clearance denial can stop your advancement in the military, while a suspension or revocation could result in harm for your chance of attaining a civilian job after your term of service has concluded.

We can thoroughly prepare your case and take it to the Central Adjudication Facility, which has the decision-making authority regarding your security clearance matter. No matter why you were denied security clearance, our dedicated lawyers fight for your rights, freedom and future.

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