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A commander’s inquiry occurs when commanders suspect misconduct. This may include matters that range from accidents and minor infractions to potentially serious crimes such as assault, larceny and other military crimes.

If you face a commander’s inquiry, you should speak first to an experienced military defense attorney before answering any questions. If necessary, let an experienced attorney speak for you and aggressively protect your rights. The skilled lawyers who handle command investigations with poise and professionalism are at The Military Justice Center, located in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

The lawyers at our firm aggressively seek justice for you when criminal charges arise during your tour of duty. We offer solid strategies and attentive personal service for cases that include AWOL, Articles 15 and 32, security clearances, boards of inquiry and war crimes cases. We aggressively advocate in military matters, on behalf of servicemen and servicewomen around the world. We have established a recognized reputation for results.

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A criminal investigation may occur as a result of a command investigation. This chain of events can lead to problems above and beyond any disciplinary action taken by the military. If you have become the focus of a command investigation, it is important that you immediately retain the services of an experienced military criminal defense attorney to begin building your case.

Command investigations may not always start with an investigation of a criminal act — but an investigation of an unfavorable act could lead to exposure of a criminal offense, which may then call for charges, trial and possible conviction. Whether or not such an investigation results in criminal charges, potential penalties could have lasting effects on your career viability, within or outside of the military. We have the decades of experience and proven legal skills that can make an enormous positive difference in your case.

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