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A Tough Military Defense Law Firm To Challenge Your Charges

If you are a military service member faced with murder or sexual assault war crimes charges anywhere in the world — Iraq, Afghanistan, wherever the “War on Terror” is being waged — you need an experienced defense attorney to insure that your rights are protected.

At The Military Justice Center, we represent loyal, hardworking American service members who have been accused of war crimes during any military operation, action or engagement around the globe.

Our lawyers aggressively safeguard your interests during every phase of your case, from investigations, preferreal of charges, to court-martial. We know what is at stake for you, in the event of a negative outcome. You can trust our committed, passionate and steadfast stewardship of your rights and interests.

Getting Justice For You

Our passion, our mission, our only goal — is justice for you. Our track record of success is solid proof of that solemn commitment. We have represented thousands of clients, primarily military members and their families. These cases include hundreds of courts-martial, administrative boards and military investigations, in addition to cases in both state and federal courts.

You Are Not Alone

Our skilled defense attorneys are proud to assist servicemen and servicewomen charged with any war crime or related offense such as:

  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Violation of the rules of engagement (ROE)
  • Violation of the Geneva Convention regarding the treatment of prisoners of war

We are totally honest with you at all times, in answering your questions and realistically assessing your situation. We know that receiving a fair trial in war crimes cases is difficult but not impossible. Our aggressive representation is designed to counteract public opinion and media pressure to convict, which can be extremely high. Military members charged with an offense as serious as mistreatment of prisoners of war can often feel abandoned by the system they were duty-bound to serve.

We Are Ready To Represent Military Personnel Anywhere In The World

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