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A criminal charge can have a devastating effect on your life, jeopardizing your military career, your potential retirement and your future after military service. A criminal conviction may serve as grounds for early discharge, expose one to prison and constitute a criminal record after military service. Sex crimes are particularly devastating. Few accusations carry as great a social and professional stigma as charges involving sexual offenses.

When you are facing charges of sexual assault, you probably feel like no one is there to support you through the case. Some of your closest allies in your unit may turn their back on you to avoid the perceived stigma of guilt by association. Who will be there to support you?

We Will Present Your Side Of The Story

The military’s recent commitment to prosecuting claims of sexual assault means a steadfast defense is more important now than ever before. At The Military Justice Center, we provide sexual assault defense for military service members in Cumberland County and the surrounding communities. We enable you as a service member accused of sexual assault to tell your side of the story.

Recent changes in the way the military prosecutes sexual assault has created challenges for service members and their legal counsel. Despite these shifts, our law firm will work passionately to give you a voice power within the military justice system.

We Understand The Military | Trust Us To Represent You

Our attorneys are former active duty JAGs. They have firsthand military experience and they understand how you feel when you have been accused of rape or sexual assault and the possible end of your career.

We have worked on cases around the world, including downrange in Iraq, Afghanistan and South Korea. We have argued cases when our clients are under immense pressure from our chain of command.

Personal Military Experience Representing Service Members

Like preparing to face the enemy, our lawyers come with a plan. Strategies our firm uses to defend sex crime charges include:

  • Scrutinize the specific accusations of the accuser
  • Assess the truthfulness of statements made by your accuser.
  • Examining the credibility of all relevant witnesses.
  • Scrutinize evidence collection methods used by military investigators.
  • Develop all exculpatory evidence.
  • Lifting the shroud of undue command influence on an investigation.

We understand how the military prosecutes sexual assault cases because we have been part of the system ourselves and we have 43 years of combined experience in military law. We know how to cast doubt on their methods and provide a reliable defense.

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We bridge the gap between military service and civilian resources to bring your side of the story to light. No matter the charges, you are not without options. From our office in Fayetteville, we represent military personnel stationed at Fort Bragg and around the world.

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