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Aggressive Representation In Military Trials

If you are a military service member being investigated for serious wrongdoing, facing a court-martial and a conviction’s lifelong consequences, the help and hope you need could be a simple toll-free phone call away.

The Military Justice Center, a division of the Conormon Law Office in Cumberland County, aggressively protects your rights in all military trials. Founding lawyer Todd C. Conormon and seasoned attorney Andrew G. Dualan help you to fight allegations of misconduct and offenses punishable by courts-martial in the U.S. and overseas.

You can reach The Military Justice Center today, from wherever you are in the world, for an initial consultation 866-588-1217.

A Conviction Can Affect Not Only Your Career, But Rest Of Your Life

Prosecution under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) is a very serious matter. A conviction would not only affect your career but your entire future. A court-martial conviction is a criminal conviction and gives you a criminal record.

In advocating for you, we know that the key to success in any trial is hard work and case preparation. Often this process begins before charges are preferred. Witnesses are identified, documents obtained and rights protected. At other times, it is possible for a court-martial to be avoided. Decisions made earlier in an investigation can prove critical. A civilian lawyer can work with your military lawyer to ensure the best defense possible.

Our lawyers have successfully represented thousands of clients in legal matters of misconduct, court-martial and other criminal defense cases. Our first goal is to fight for you, working passionately to bring your life back to normal in all categories of summary, special and general courts-martial defense cases related to:

In the military, a court-martial is as serious as it gets, with serious ramifications on your life in civilian society. Obtain equally serious military defense representation by discussing your case with the Military Justice Center. We know the military justice system inside out. Our reputation for results is proof that we know how to protect your rights, freedom and future.

Ready To Represent Military Personnel Anywhere In The World

We represent military clients from around the world from our office in Fayetteville. Whether you are here at Fort Bragg or stationed elsewhere, we can help you.

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