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Assisting Service Members With NCOER And OER Appeals

If you have received a Non-commissioned Officer Evaluation Report or an Officer Evaluation Report and you question the objectivity or accuracy of that report, you may want to consider appealing the evaluation.

A high volume of NCOERs and OERs are prepared on an annual basis. If you believe the evaluation is unjust or inaccurate, or you question an error contained in the report, then you need a strong advocate to walk you through the appeal process. The process of appealing involves a number of steps and deadlines. Having an experienced attorney on your side can have a positive impact on your case.

Decades Of Experience Challenging NCOERs and OERs

At The Military Justice Center, we have been working with clients to appeal their NCOERs and OERs for decades. Formerly judge advocates, our lawyers have developed a robust military defense practice to protect the rights of service members around the world.

You want your military record to be reflected accurately as it will have an effect on future career opportunities and benefits. Don’t take a chance — get someone on your side to protect your record if you are planning on appealing an officer evaluation report. We also assist clients with matters involving correction of a military record.

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