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Pursuing Medical Negligence Under The FTCA

Military medical malpractice refers to those cases brought under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) or the Military Claims Act. Medical malpractice may occur at a military hospital, DoD facility, VA hospital or medical facility in the United States for a claim under the FTCA. The Military Claims Act covers claims that occur outside of the United States. At The Military Justice Center, founded by Todd Conormon, we pursue military medical malpractice claims on behalf of those affected.

Many people wrongly believe that they are unable to sue for medical negligence when they receive treatment at a military or VA medical facility. The FTCA applies to all nonactive duty military personnel. The FTCA also covers dependents of military members, even those of active duty personnel. Importantly, the FTCA does not cover treatment on foreign soil, even if received at a military base. Claims outside of the United States must proceed under the Military Claims Act.

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When you have received negligent medical treatment, you need to make sure you take the steps to protect yourself and get the recovery you deserve. As seasoned military law attorneys, we can help you navigate the claims process for pursuing recovery in a military medical malpractice case.

We also represent clients with civilian medical malpractice cases such as those which occur at civilian medical hospitals and clinics.

If you believe you have been injured as a result of negligent medical care, contact us.

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