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If anyone is alleging misconduct and you are facing a military investigation (JAGMAN, AR 15-6, CID, I.G., EO etc.), you should know your Article 31 rights. Our lawyers at The Military Justice Center in Fayetteville, North Carolina, can protect them.

We represent and defend clients in Cumberland County, across the U.S. and worldwide. We represent military service members, regardless of military branch. Our clients are loyal Americans who have served their country and now face allegations or are currently under investigation.

Our clientele includes enlisted and officers facing AR 15-6 Investigations, Command-Directed Investigations and those who are suspects in criminal investigations.

The Military Justice Center, can help you when criminal charges arise during your tour of duty. Our military defense practice includes strategies for cases that include AWOL, Articles 15 and 32, command investigations, security clearances, boards of inquiry and war crimes legal matters.

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The findings of a properly conducted AR 15-6 investigation may be used as the basis for an adverse administrative action. If adverse action is being contemplated, you must be provided with these safeguards:

  • Notice of the proposed adverse action
  • A copy of the part of the findings, recommendations and supporting evidence on which the proposed adverse action is based
  • A reasonable opportunity to reply in writing

We provide aggressive defense during investigations such as:

  • NCIS
  • Army CID
  • CGIS
  • DSS
  • IG
  • AR 15-6
  • Board of inquiry
  • DCIS
  • Commander’s inquiry

If you are subject to investigation, we can assist you before a military lawyer is assigned to your case. Service regulations can limit circumstances in which military lawyers can assist, prior to formal charges.

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