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The experienced military law and military defense attorneys at The Military Justice Center, represent servicemen and servicewomen around the world in Nonjudicial Punishment (NJP) and misconduct legal matters known in various branches of service as Captain’s or Admiral’s Mast, Office Hours or Article 15.

These actions do not amount to convictions. You cannot be discharged from the service under processes resulting from them — but you can still be vulnerable to adverse penalties such as a filing in your Official Military Performance File.

If you are facing one of these legal issues, we will aggressively protect your rights and defend your good name. Our lawyers advocate for the men and women of the armed forces in North Carolina, nationally and globally. We founded our firm to aggressively seek justice for you when criminal charges arise during your tour of duty.

Strong Military Defense Practice — No Matter What You Are Facing

Minor offenses that often result in an Article 15, NJP or Captain’s Mast include:

  • Reporting late for duty
  • Unauthorized absences of short duration
  • Adultery and fraternization
  • Disobeying an order
  • Disrespect toward a noncommissioned or commissioned officer

Our military defense practice features creative strategies and attentive personal service for cases that include AWOL, Articles 15 and 32, command investigations, security clearances, boards of inquiry and war crimes legal matters.

Wherever You Are Stationed, We Want Justice For You

Wherever you are stationed in the U.S., Europe, Japan or Afghanistan The Military Justice Center has the expertise, determination and dedication to offer you sound legal advice. Our only goal is justice for you.

We want you to understand the potential long-term negative impact of an adverse entry on your permanent military record. Service members who are willing to fight to preserve their careers — and professional post-military prospects — should reach out to us as soon as possible. We know the system. We know your rights and how to protect them. We know how important your freedom and future are.

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