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Defending Your Military Career And Your Record

Has a positive urine drug test put your military career at risk? At The Military Justice Center, we have aggressively, successfully protected the rights of military service members accused of drug use, alcohol abuse, drunk driving and drunkenness while on duty. Our attorneys are former judge advocates with extensive military defense experience.

A mandatory urinalysis test can put any military career at serious risk if the test comes back “positive.” But a timely, fact-based challenge can give you a chance at putting this charge behind you. We possess a comprehensive command of military defense law, having practiced in this area of law for decades both in service and as civilian attorneys. We use proven skills to aggressively protect the rights of servicemen and servicewomen facing drug offense charges in the U.S. and overseas.

We are ready to represent military personnel anywhere in the world. We use our many years of service as deployed staff judge advocates to communicate with active duty commanders and judge advocates.

We Proudly Serving Military Service Personnel

We are able to question a number of aspects that accompany positive urinalysis tests such as:

  • Method of sample collection, storage and protection
  • Drug laboratory testing and forensic procedures
  • Any medication or combination of medicines that may result in a false-positive urinalysis
  • Unknowing or innocent ingestion

Our lawyers can coordinate efforts with a network of urinalysis experts and forensic toxicologists whose findings could support your innocence. We have extensive knowledge of factors that contribute to military drug testing at drug labs. We can utilize your “good military character” and prior duty performance when appropriate. An alleged drug offense need not sully your military accomplishments or your reputation.

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