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What should you do if you’re under a military investigation?

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2022 | Military Law

Learning that you’re the subject of a military investigation is scary, especially if this is due to a criminal matter.

Once you learn this, you have to act quickly so you can protect your rights and ensure that you aren’t doing things that could land you in deeper trouble. 

What may happen as the result of an investigation?

What happens as the result of a military investigation depends on the type of investigation — but your military career and your future are both in danger.

Here are some tips that may help:

  • Invoke your right to remain silent. Don’t attempt to explain your situation to your commander, your best friend, your fellow service members or anybody else. Your words can be used against you, no matter how careful you think you may be.
  • Do not agree to a polygraph. These are investigative tools that aren’t particularly reliable — but they can help investigators make you feel the pressure of their questions.
  • Talk to an attorney. You are entitled to counsel as soon as a formal investigation is underway, and you want to exercise your right to experienced guidance without hesitation.

Any military member who’s the subject of an internal investigation should ensure they learn their rights and take steps to protect their interests. When you’re in this position, there’s a good chance that your military career is on the line. For many, having any type of discharge from military service except for an honorable one is problematic. Working with someone who’s familiar with military laws, procedures and regulations is the best way to secure a positive outcome.